Be a boss,

tell your software what to do

A simple email or text message prompts your software to manage CRM data, approve expenses, convert files, gather valuable insights, and much more.

  • Access and manage your data from anywhere without opening apps.
  • Do in minutes what used to take hours of manual work.
  • Complete tasks without watching tutorials or installing new apps.

What Dan’s friends are saying…

“Dan is very revolutionary.

Literally just sending an email or text is the simplest way of working with business software.”

Christine S.

CEO and Entrepreneur, Miami, FL

“I can honestly say that Dan makes using CRMs and other databases 10X easier.

Dan is a huge timesaver for anyone in business.”

Erica B.

Business Developer, Austin, TX

“Dan is a nice surprise!

Working without switching apps makes tasks at least 10X easier. I am very impressed with the usability!”

Donna H.

Executive Assistant, Kernersville, NC

“Dan is very convenient. It fits the email habits of business professionals.

Dan makes your daily software as practical as sending an email.”

Loren K.

Management Consultant, Rochester, NY


Who is Dan for?

Dan is for professionals who seek faster, easier, more convenient ways to work.

Dan is for professionals who want to live and work on their own terms and for businesses looking to build the enterprise of the future.

Is Dan an AI Assistant?

Nope. Dan is a skilled business software super-user.

Dan’s focus is on cognitive tasks and business use cases. For example, you can ask Dan to “Find clients from California, who have deals in the pipeline, include the notes history and export them to a CSV and PDF files.” Within minutes, you’ll receive a PDF report with a separate editable file. AI assistants, on the other hand, may only have a funny but meaningless response.

More so, AI assistants can only respond to voice commands. Dan provides users with more flexibility and discretion as it communicates via e-mail and text message allowing users to talk to Dan during calls, meetings, panels, and presentations.

Which devices does Dan work with?

Dan is device agnostic. You can use any device that has an email or text message capability.

You don’t need to worry about installing an app, learning low-code/no-code tools or updating anything to the latest version. Simply send an email and let Dan do the work.

What do you do with my data?

We take privacy and security very seriously. You can review our privacy policy, data processing addendum and terms of service. Additionally, we have received a privacy shield re-certification.

Your data is yours and we will never share or sell it to third parties. That’s just not our business model. Dan is fully automated, meaning there are no humans looking at your data. You are in control of your data and Dan only works with the data you request.

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